Sister Nicolette Vennaro, a third-grade teacher at Blessed Sacrament School in Syracuse, sent along some essays that her pupils wrote last school year. The topic was “What a Catholic Education Means to Me.” Excerpts from some of those essays appear below.

[What] a Catholic education means to me is everybody is helpful and loving always and ready to lend a hand. Everybody is always making new friends and helping old ones. Everyone is praying for one another.

All the teachers are always lending a hand to help their students. I am glad I came to Blessed Sacrament School. The principal is always making fun activities that are challenging. The teachers are always telling us about God and how he is our shepherd. I think Blessed Sacrament School is the best school in the whole world.

I also think that Mrs. Clark is the best kindergarten teacher in the whole world. Blessed Sacrament is a really special place in its special way.

— Sarah Clark

A Catholic education to me means a better chance to learn about God and God’s word. It gives me the chance to have a great religious education. To me a Catholic education is like a mustard seed. Instead of getting planted in the dirt or ground we get planted in Blessed Sacrament or any Catholic school. Also instead of becoming a tree we become faithful women and men who know God’s word and believe in Him. If you have Catholic education to me it leads to a better future, a brighter future.

A Catholic education would be better for most people because it taught me at least so many important lessons that I know will help me so much in the future. It helps me with kindness, understanding others’ feelings, and Catholic education taught me how to love and praise God with all of my soul and heart.

As soon as I got into the Catholic school system when I was three I could tell on my first day of school ever that I was going to love it there. Even though I was only three I could tell.

— Elizabeth Kuehner

Having a Catholic education is an amazing thing to have. Having a Catholic education means you get to go to confession and pray to God. Being able to do that is the best gift you can get. It is amazing going to a Catholic school. You get [taught] about math and about God.

You also get to do fun activities in a Catholic school. We get to make a card for the students. We get to draw and color a card for them. It makes me happy when I am making the card because I know it will brighten a person’s day. We also get to watch movies now and then. And not just a normal movie but a movie teaches you about Jesus. So you get to watch a movie and learn about Jesus. That is what Catholic Education means to me.

— Love, Victoria Usyk

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