Julia Ryan and Emma Hill. (Photos courtesy Caroline N. Agor-Calimlim)

FAYETTEVILLE — The Immaculate Conception School sixth-grade class of Danielle Paige did a science project on the “Four Spheres of the Earth,” an environmental science lesson that introduces students to the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere (or geosphere), and biosphere. The four spheres make up one large system of the earth that keep everything in balance. Each of the students filled a bag with soil, picked weeds to place in the bag, and added water before sealing the bag. Each piece represented the four spheres: The plants, living and once living, and parts of the soil represent the biosphere; air trapped in the bag and in the open spaces in the soil represents the atmosphere; non-living parts of the soil — gravel, rocks, and minerals — represent the geosphere; and the water in the soil, condensation in the bag, and invisible water vapor in the air represent the hydrosphere.

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