The livestreamed 2021 Mass of the Holy Spirt was held Sept. 1 to mark the “beginning of another academic year” at Le Moyne College, noted the celebrant, Bishop Douglas J. Lucia.

Bishop Lucia told the gathering:

“It’s a privilege because this is the third time now that I gather with this faith community as we begin a journey with the Lord—a journey that for many of you continues [with] just a little bit of an interesting turn last year. So it’s so good that we can gather together this morning—gather together to journey together.

“And the most important thing is that our God comes to meet us. Our God comes to meet us in word and in sacrament. He comes to meet us where we’re at, and he comes to walk with us. And he promises to give us his Spirit to be our consoler, our advocate to show us the way.

“So brothers and sisters, let us open our lives to God’s Spirit. Let us acknowledge those times when we may have sought to do our own thing, gone other ways, not paying attention to the Lord’s way. But today let’s just know that the Lord‘s always there for us. And so let’s receive his pardon, his strength.”

Also pictured speaking is Dr. Linda M. LeMura, the college President. (Sun photos | Chuck Wainwright)

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