Being present to the Daily Holy Ground of God

We are Standing on Holy Ground by Geron Davis is an old hymn of praise that was written for the text of today’s first reading from Exodus 3:5. When considering the concept of holy ground, we often think of a particular place. It can also be the current ground that we are on.  Any place can become holy if we are open to feeling God’s presence. It is these moments of encounter that change our hearts and allow us to seek God in a more personal way.

Be aware of the moment. Don’t let the moment escape your thoughts. Revisit the moment and allow God to be present once again, because the message from that one moment may take time for you to truly understand God’s impact on your life. The holy moment can allow us to see God more clearly, and also be a moment of great peace in our souls. We often take this experience for granted. God already knows what we need and what the world needs; we just have to be willing to listen and allow the realization of this experience of grace to grow in our hearts.

As we grow in the moment, the physical moment lessens and the spiritual takes root. Once they start growing, the spiritual roots need to be watered and cultivated so that we can easily recognize God’s effect on our life. Let the divine presence of God change you. The holy ground of that experience of God grows and develops. Nurture these moments of experiences of grace. Our Catholic faith gives us the sacraments, the physical sign of God’s grace, to help us and those who come into our daily life. Faith also allows moments to become holy even when we don’t recognize them.

This third Sunday of Lent, reflect upon these three questions that might help us to see the holy ground of God and to allow the moment to grow in our hearts.

• Where is the one place that you find the most peace?

• How do you live out God’s presence in your daily life?

• When was the last time you received one of the sacraments? Communion, penance, marriage?

Take these three questions and open your heart to your own reflection of the daily holy ground God has placed you on and allow the grace of God to be present.

Father Miller is pastor of the linked communities of Christ the King and Pope John in Liverpool.

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