2022 Campaign kicks off Sept. 10 & 11

By Deacon Tom Cuskey | Editor

You are the Light!

If you don’t believe that now, you will soon. Employees in the diocesan Hope Appeal office are gearing up for the 2022 campaign, rallying around the theme of “You are the Light!” The office team has been busy in its preparation, including a recent visit to each of the seven diocesan regions, now known as vicariates, powering up the effort to turn on the light, achieve the 2022 goals and, as a result, help the diocese maintain a beacon of light through needed programs and initiatives. 

Holding localized meetings to kindle the initial efforts diocesanwide is something of a new approach. “It really is because we wanted people to come together as community and the vicariate is a perfect opportunity to do that,” according to Beth Lynn Hoey, the executive director of the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse. She shared that people coming together “from our own neighborhoods, seeing people from other parishes come together as a group really fosters community.”

Bishop Douglas J. Lucia attended the meetings and is excited about this year’s theme. “The image of light, that you are the light, it just more and more made sense, especially because of the challenges we’ve been facing, in our nation, in our world, even in our diocese.” Bishop added that the Hope Appeal can be a perfect vehicle for those who want to be part of the answer to those challenges, saying, “Sometimes we ask, ‘How can we change these things, how can we make a difference?’ The Hope Appeal really can make a difference.”

Guests from laity, parish staff and clergy attended meetings within the vicariate regions to preview the campaign video and share fellowship.

One of the highlights of the evening was the introduction of this year’s Hope Appeal video which will be shared through the parishes during kickoff weekend, Sept. 10 and 11. Bishop Lucia is especially excited about the video, saying that it expresses the fundamental purpose of the annual campaign. “It’s all about helping people see the face of Christ and come to know the hope that Jesus Christ brings.” Bishop added that “It’s also about meeting with people, talking with each other more within the vicariates and PCAs, it’s the idea that we are in this together.”

Hoey says the kickoff meetings, involving clergy, parish staff members and laity, made good sense. “It’s a perfect mix because it reminds us of what church is,” she said. “The Bishop is here because he knows how important it is, and he wants to be present to the community. The leaders of our parishes — the pastors, the priests and the deacons who work so hard — also need to be recognized, to realize that they are the light every single day, and the parishioners as well.”

As people in the parishes and communities consider supporting the Hope Appeal through a gift, large or small, Bishop Lucia suggests people discern, “How can we, in a sense, just light up someone’s life? How can we let the Gospel, let Jesus, be that light?”


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