St. James Church in Cazenovia held its ninth-grade retreat Sunday, Jan. 8. The students participated in the 11 a.m.  Mass and then entered the hall for lunch. The retreat focused on connecting with Jesus and one another and owning the faith.

After Lisa Matto, director of faith formation, presented to the teens on connecting with Jesus, the kids were assigned the task of tackling how Jesus would connect with the world. They broke into four groups and each created a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for Jesus.

Matto said the kids put a lot of thought into his profile page, friends, quotes, works, and family.

After presenting what Jesus would look like on social media, Father Christopher Ballard talked to them about his faith journey as well as the faith experiences of saints like Maximilian, Ignatius, and Justin.

Father Ballard was dynamic and relatable, Matto said.

The students from St. James were joined by two students from Holy Family in Syracuse and one from St. Agatha in Canastota.

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