Editor’s note: Through the financial support of The Corey Hill Foundation, Bishop Ludden’s Anti-Bullying Club and a dress down day at the school, national speaker Marc Mero visited Ludden April 29.

Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School had been waiting to hear motivational speaker Marc Mero’s presentation since December.

With much anticipation, the students of Bishop Ludden filed into the gymnasium on the afternoon of April 29. His companions, “Mero’s Heroes,” came out and got the crowd hyped up and ready to go. Mero’s grand entrance was welcomed with loud cheers and claps.

He began with the story of his childhood, living with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. Sadly, Marc was bullied because of the used clothes he wore. His mother shared her love for Jesus Christ and the Bible with him nightly as she read scripture to him. All of these things motivated Mero to write down his goals in a journal.

Years later, his dreams were starting to be realized. But just as his life was hitting a high, it hit an all-time low after an accident took his dream right out from under him. It was after this that Mero began to abuse drugs and alcohol and push his family away. During his ten years of abuse, he overdosed three times.

Mero shared that he was saved by God so that he could share his story with the world. He found success again and achieved his goal of becoming a millionaire when he was 31 by becoming a pro wrestler. His life took a turn for the worse again when he lost his mother, sister and brother by the time he was 34. Growing up, Mero always believed that success led to happiness. He was a successful millionaire but somehow found himself depressed and following the dangerous path of drugs and alcohol once again. It was through this experience that Mero realized that indeed happiness leads to success.

Mero’s overall message was that God has a plan for each of our lives. God is the one who will see us through when times get tough. Throughout his presentation, he constantly reminded the audience that true happiness can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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