A commencement Mass for Seton Catholic Central’s Class of 2020 was celebrated at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Binghamton June 26. Graduates heard from Valedictorian Wyatt Breese and Class of 2020 President Lily Combs. Here, some photos and excerpts from remarks offered at the celebration.

“Looking back, I realize that we as a class have grown up together. A lot of you are in my first memories of school. I understand why Mr. M always says ‘Seton is a family.’ And it’s true we are a family, a very special one that you can only find between the walls of SCC. The Class of 2020 was not alone during these times and we all know that being a Saint means we have our ‘family’ with us. For those of you that do not know, Mr. M always welcomes in the school year at our first Mass in September. One thing I can count on is him mentioning how here at Seton we are and forever will be a family. We may not share the same blood or genetics but with all the reflecting that I was able to do stuck inside I realized this… Personally I have been going to the same school with most of you for six years. Then with some of those people since first grade. We have spent so much time together in these past 12 years that it is like we raised each other and we grew into the people we are at this second because of the people sitting next to us. So thank you to all of you for helping me become who I am.”

    — Class of 2020 President Lily Combs

“I do have a message to share, and it might come off as generic, but I believe that’s because of its truthful simplicity. It boils down to the value of persistence. The value of finishing things not only because you’ll get something out of them, but just because you started them. Pressure, stressful situations, and adversity can lead our brains to lie to us. They tell us we aren’t in control, it’s not our choice whether we stand and fight, whether we persist or drop. It is our choice. Until we confront that hard truth, we will never advance. It is our choice.”

   — Valedictorian Wyatt Breese

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