Father Michael Bassano, a Binghamton native, has sent along to the Sun two poems related to his missionary work in South Sudan.

Amid the political uncertainties in a country that was hit by civil war in 2013, Father Bassano is a Maryknoller serving as the Catholic chaplain in the Protection of Civilians (POC) camp outside Malakal in the northeastern part of the country.

Of his poem “Transcended,” he writes:

“This poem speaks of the need to go beyond ourselves in serving others especially the poor in our world longing for peace and well-being.

“We pray for peace everywhere in the world and in South Sudan.”


Difficult to explain
through words alone
intuitive light within
brilliantly shone.

Of divine mystery
shining through all
raising us up
after every fall.

You are always near
we are your gift
on troubled waters
never wandering adrift

Hearing much needed
inner voice sound
mystics Teresa and John
now happily found

Relating the wisdom
so old and ever new
bidding me come
to live in you.

No longer afraid
inner strength to endure
whatever may come
resting secure.

Life is a journey
to unknown shores
sailing with faith
being completely Yours

Father Mike Bassano



Reflecting on events
revealed today
watching children
innocently play

This World fragmented
by violence and hate
change must come
it’s never too late.

Need to rethink
what went before
forward looking
imagining much more.

Going beyond oneself
committed to believe
that only in giving
can we truly receive

Of what could be
joining hands together
as sisters and brothers
walking together.

Towards distant future
hopefully unfolding
with songs of peace
readily beholding

When at last
wounds are mended
finally becoming

Father Mike Bassano

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