Cazenovia — Lisa Matto, faith formation director at St. James Church in Cazenovia, gave the commencement address for Cazenovia High School on June 23 at Cazenovia College. The invitation, she said, was a testament to the youth-ministry programs at St. James as well as the relationships between the parish, the community, and the school.

She encouraged the graduates to do a self-“Check Up” to reach happiness and success: Hold Up: Enjoy the present. Look Up: Take a break from your phone.

Show Up: Give one hundred percent, even when you don’t feel like it. Follow Up: If it doesn’t work the first time, try, and then try again. Mess Up: A mistake does not define you, but how you react to the mistake will. Stand Up: For those who need help. Speak Up: Against injustice. Listen Up: Following your path to success will not only lead you to your happy place, it will also lead you back home.

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