To the editor:

We, the Justice and Peace Committee of St. Lucy’s Church are much saddened by recent events, and we deplore and denounce the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis. We likewise ache for those in that community and other communities whose anger expressed in peaceful protests is being laced with violence, destruction, and then even more repression.

We recognize how the pervasive American sin of racism has once again been uncovered during this pandemic, as people of color have been over represented as victims of the virus. And that racism is blatantly manifesting itself, as well, in the killing, not only of George Floyd, but of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent African Americans.

We commit ourselves once again to prayer, examination of conscience, repentance, and effective action with all people of good will in combatting this never ending and pervasive evil, highlighted now in the dual pains of this moment of pandemic and racial discrimination. And we ask that the leaders of this country — political, religious, and business — have the courage and will to speak out against this sin against God and each other.

We have yet to discern what paths are best to bring an end to this blight on our country, but we commit ourselves — and encourage all not only in our diocese, but across the country as well — to truly observe, and admit, the reality of our current crises, judge what are the causes and responses in justice, and act in the spirit of the risen Christ to love one another and make our witness real.

Corinne Driscoll, chairperson

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