Well sports fans, it’s getting close to game time. With this weekend’s big games in mind, the Sun and Syracuse Catholic Television visited Father Chris Ballard at St. James in Syracuse to ask: Is it okay for us to pray for our Orange teams to win?

“Well, I certainly think that we bring the desires of our hearts to the Lord, whatever those desires might be,” Father Ballard said. “Certainly, we desire Syracuse to play well and to win, so we’re going to bring that desire before the Lord. I think it’s absolutely okay.”

We also asked Father Ballard for a prayer we might pray this weekend for the success of our teams:

“I would ask the Lord, and I will ask the Lord: Bless our men and women. They worked hard all year. Lord, we ask you to bless the efforts they’ve put in. We pray they play to the best of their abilities, according to the gifts that you have given them. And Lord, if it’s your will, let them win!”

Check out Father B, along with diocesan staff and Catholic schools students, wishing the Orange well in the video below:

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