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Planning ahead for your Catholic burial can be a huge relief to you and your family. Making decisions in advance, rather than leaving them to your family at the time of your death, will lift a burden from your loved ones. But where to start? Here, Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Syracuse offers some answers to some common questions.

How do I start the conversation?
You can start the conversation with your loved ones by letting them know that pre-planning your final arrangements is an act of love and that there are many benefits to knowing final arrangements. Ask your loved ones to accompany you in planning, as it shows the importance of making plans together.

What are the benefits of pre-planning?
There are several benefits to pre-planning, including:

   • Peace of mind for your loved ones

   • You can focus on celebrating life knowing that your wishes are going to be fulfilled

   • Making arrangements as a family can oftentimes bring them closer

   • Relieves family of some monetary expenses at the time of death, as payment plans are available

   • The Family Service Counselors at Catholic Cemeteries provide caring, compassionate, faith-inspired guidance to give you confidence in your planning

What are my options at a Catholic Cemetery?
Catholic Cemeteries has locations in the Cortland, Johnson City, Oswego, Syracuse, and Utica areas. Depending on the cemetery, there are plenty of choices for casket and cremation interments including ground space, mausoleum space and niche space. Please call your preferred cemetery to see what is available.

Is cremation allowed at a Catholic Cemetery?
Yes, cremation is allowed in the Catholic Church. The Church requires that the cremated remains be treated with the same respect as the corporal remains. The remains should be treated with respect while handling and transporting them. The Church forbids the scattering of ashes and the growing practice of keeping cremations at home. Cremated remains require interment or entombment in the ground, a columbarium, or a mausoleum.

Are payment plans available?
Yes. Catholic Cemeteries offers interest-free financing. After your initial down payment, you will have 12 months to pay off your property, given that no one needs to use the property during the payment process.

Visit or call (315) 475-4639 to learn more and set up an appointment at a cemetery near you.


Catholic Cemeteries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, Inc.

   • Our Lady of Peace Cemetery and Mausoleum, Baldwinsville

   • St. Mary Cemetery, Clayville

   • St. Mary Cemetery, Cortland

   • St. Mary Cemetery and Mausoleum, DeWitt

   • Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, Johnson City

   • St. Patrick Cemetery, Johnson City

   • Sacred Heart Cemetery, Lakeland

   • St. Paul Cemetery, Oswego

   • St. Peter Cemetery and Mausoleum, Oswego

   • St. Agnes Cemetery, Syracuse

   • Sacred Heart Cemetery, Syracuse

   • Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, Utica

   • Holy Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum, Utica

   • St. Mary Cemetery, Utica

   • St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Cemetery, Utica

   • Mount Olivet Cemetery, Whitesboro

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