Submitted by Deacon Steve Blabac

On a beautiful fall day in mid-October at Holy Cross Church in DeWitt, 60-plus faithful gathered to attend a Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults workshop aptly named “RCIA: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

Many felt that the Spirit was ushering in a new sense of urgency in our evangelization efforts to bring our love, knowledge, and personal intimacy with Jesus Christ to everyone we meet. To that end the workshop was a great success.

The attendees were treated to a variety of subjects pertinent to the RCIA process from beginning to end including the interview, Inquiry, catechumenate, purification and enlightenment, and to finish the process, mystagogia. Ancillary topics included godparents and sponsors and PCAs (pastoral care areas) and how they may relate to the RCIA in the future.

The highlight of the day was the “acted out” demonstrations of the Interview process with potential catechumens/candidates. The three interviewers and interviewees could have come directly from central casting but each got the message across; that is, the faith life is often a messy business and people seeking entrance to the Church don’t always come from neat, orderly lives. The live interview process got that point across in a fun but instructive way.

This workshop was the first salvo in an updated and energized RCIA for the Syracuse Diocese. We have a new bishop, Bishop Douglas Lucia; a new administrator of liturgy and RCIA , Father  Christopher Seibt; and a new sense of mission. Get excited and ready for next summer’s major workshop and conference on Aug. 12. It will take your breath away.

  Deacon Blabac is from St Francis of Assisi Parish in Binghamton. 

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