CAMILLUS — Father Robert Hyde, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, received the first dose of his Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 31. He sent the Catholic Sun this dispatch, which also appeared in the parish bulletin:

“I qualified for the vaccine at this early stage because I am a hospital chaplain at Upstate and all the other hospitals in Onondaga County. I have visited and anointed around 50 people with COVID since the pandemic began. Fortunately, I have not contracted the virus, thanks to the excellent training in using the gowns, gloves, masks, and face shields that I’ve received.

“I go back for a second dose in three weeks. About two weeks after that I will be protected against the virus. I’ll still need to wear a mask to protect others, both in the hospital and in church.

“I hope everyone who can be vaccinated receives the vaccine. The more people who receive the vaccine, the better protected everyone will be. Some people cannot receive the vaccine due to compromised immune systems. These people, such as some cancer patients and others, need the rest of us to be vaccinated to protect them. These people include the elderly and children.

“Let’s all do our bit and be vaccinated as soon as we can. God bless you and all those researchers who made the vaccine

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