Father David McCallum will be speaking at tonight’s Theology on Tap, presented by the diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. ToT offers speakers, conversation and fellowship for young adults in their 20s and 30s.

 Father McCallum is a Jesuit priest who serves as the Executive Assistant to the President for Mission Integration and Development at Le Moyne College. He is also an assistant professor of Management and Leadership, and has held a variety of leadership roles including as the interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement and as the interim dean of the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne.

Father McCallum’s talk “will share with us the spiritual practice known as the Ignatian Examen. In this brief practice, we will explore the power of gratitude, the role of grace in our daily lives, how to manage the ups and downs of our experience, and how to learn and grow our way through everyday challenges.” 
I had a few questions for Father McCallum about what we could expect tonight:
Katherine Long: The advertisements for your talk ask, “Want to learn how to find God in all things the Jesuit way?” My answer is, “Yes, please.” Can you give us an idea of how you’ll teach us to do that tonight?
Father McCallum: Sure. So one thing is we’ll practice how to “glean” God moments from our day as we pay more attention to our inner experience.
KL: It’s easy to find God’s presence and approach the events of life with gratitude when your day is good. What do you do when your day is rotten?
FM: Great question! The key is to frame every life experience as an opportunity to learn, grow, and become more “me,” especially when times are hard. 
KL: Do you pray using this method? Do all Jesuits? Is this how Pope Francis prays? If I pray like this, will I be half as amazing as the pope?
FM: I do pray this way, as do other Jesuits, including the rather awesome (IMHO) Pope Francis. I can’t make that promise, Katherine, but who knows? 
KL: Bonus question: Dinosaur BBQ has some excellent brews on tap. What goes best with the Ignatian Examen?
FM: Myself, I would say a really hoppy IPA…
Unfortunately, I’m traveling at the moment and won’t be able to make it to ToT tonight. But you should head over to the Dinosaur BBQ, 246 W. Willow St, Syracuse, at 7 p.m. for what is sure to be a great night of faith and fellowship! For more information on ToT, visit syrdio.org.

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