Editor’s note: Father Peter Major, MHM, who grew up in Skaneateles, lives at the Church of Our Lady of Pompei-St. Peter in Syracuse. A member of the Mill Hill Missionaries, he worked in Borneo, Kenya, and Sudan. These days, he figures that he is the missionary on North Townsend Street. He helps people of all ethnicities, including people from Nepal, Sudan, Congo, Syria, and Vietnam. Below is his reflection on World Mission Sunday (Oct. 21).

World Mission Sunday is not just another second collection. It’s a reminder, that cut off from the Universal Church, we can do nothing. Our church becomes like a hand, cut off from the Body.

The truth is, we need the church in Brazil. She teaches us how to live our faith with a joyful heart. We need the church in Sudan. She teaches us that love of Christ conquers fear and violence. We need the church in India, she teaches us how to live our lives in a simple reflective way, not cluttered up with a lot of stuff. For better or for worse, we walk together as one universal church, taking turns lifting one another up, trusting in a God of life and hope. Mission Sunday is not just about money. It’s about SOLIDARITY with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Mission Sunday is not just another second collection.

Father Peter Major, MHM

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