The Diocese of Syracuse announced May 16 that it will begin a study of its Faith Formation Office, evaluating faith formation efforts at the parish level and identifying how the diocesan office can assist in improving those efforts. A statement from Chancellor and Director of Communications Danielle Cummings appears below.

Cathy Cornue, the Diocesan Director of Faith Formation, is retiring on August 1. We are most grateful for Cathy’s years of service and ministry to the people of our diocese.

In keeping with our diocesan strategic planning process and our diocesan mission of evangelization, a study of the Office of Faith Formation will be conducted to identify its role in our changing parishes/PCAs. The goal is to evaluate parish faith formation as it is presently offered and identify how the diocesan office can assist in improving the effectiveness of catechesis.

The diocese will no longer recruit for the position of Diocesan Director until the conclusion of this study. 

The diocesan strategic planning committee will serve as a Task Force to spearhead the study, working collaboratively with the staff of the Office of Faith Formation. Members are: Msgr. Timothy Elmer, Msgr. Richard Kopp, Msgr. John Putano, Father Mark Kaminski, Father John Hogan, Father John Canorro, Father John Manno, Father Christopher Celentano, Father Richard Prior, and Father John Kurgan. 

Danielle Cummings, Chancellor, will serve as the facilitator of the group and will oversee the Office of Faith Formation after August 1.

The study will seek input from clergy, catechetical leaders, catechists, and other diocesan ministry leaders. It is anticipated that the process will take no more than six months in order to provide a set of recommendations to Bishop Robert J.Cunningham. 

Bishop Cunningham is grateful to Cathy Cornue, the Faith Formation staff, and the members of the Task Force for their willingness to explore new possibilities in how we offer catechesis in our diocese. Please pray for all those involved in this important work.

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