Participants will hold up signs on streets in diocese

By Tom Maguire | Associate editor

There will be no noise, just signs and prayers.

The Diocese of Syracuse’s Family/Respect Life Ministry encourages the public to join a Respect Life Sunday National Life Chain on Oct. 2 at four locations.

Life Chain’s website describes it as a network in the U.S. and Canada that promotes prayer for an end to abortion.

Lisa Hall, director of the diocesan Family/Respect Life Ministry, said participants will “stand for one hour in silent prayer holding signs inviting people and encouraging people to choose life, to support both the mother and the baby, and to stand in prayer for all of those who are involved in abortion. Whether it’s a mother, whether it’s for the unborn baby, or whether it’s an abortion-clinic worker, they will stand in silent prayer for an hour.”

Standing outside on streets all over the country, Hall said, “you’ll see people standing silently with their signs saying ‘Choose life’; ‘Choose adoption’; ‘Adoption, not abortion’; ‘Love them both’ — signs of that nature.

“It will be an hour of silent prayer. We will be a visible, peaceful, prayerful presence, standing for mother and child.  Standing for the innocent.”

Hall added that her office has developed pregnancy-help cards (shown at right) for the regions in the diocese. They are handed out in front of abortion clinics, and they are available in parishes and at Catholic schools.

The cards provide initial information about whom to go to when women think they may be pregnant, as well as information about Catholic Charities and other places in their area for help after the baby is born. The back of the card includes help for those who have already aborted and for those who have started the procedure for a chemical abortion and changed their mind.

For a copy of the card, please call Hall at (315) 470-1418 or email Family/Respect Life Ministry Program Coordinator Mary Kortright at

Here are the locations for the Life Chain event in the diocese:

Syracuse North: St. Rose of Lima Church, 409 S. Main St. North Syracuse, 1-2 p.m. Call Robert George, (315) 491-4953, or email

Syracuse West: Holy Family Church, 127 Chapel Drive, Syracuse, 1:30-2:30 p.m.  Call Bob Tindall, (315) 468-2587.

Cortland: In front of First Niagara Bank, Groton Avenue – Clinton Street, and Main Street, 2-3 p.m. Call Carolann Darling, (607) 898-4026, or email

Johnson City/Broome County: Harry L Drive at Oakdale Road, Johnson City, 2-3:30 p.m. Call Maribeth Cederborg, (607) 427-5991.

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