SYRACUSE Blessed Sacrament School Principal Andrea Polcaro sure is a good egg.

Each year, Polcaro challenges her students to read a certain number of books and promises a wild, silly reward in return. Over more than two decades, she’s kissed a pig, eaten a fried worm, and ridden a horse like the town crier — all in the name of getting her students to read.

This year, she set the reading goal at 20,000 books and promised that the class that read the most books would get to egg her. The students egg-ceded her egg-spectations and read some 22,000 books.

On June 13, top readers from Tiny Eagles through sixth grade got to smash an egg on Polcaro’s head. Students in grades pre-K (Mrs. Marx), KB (Miss Baird), 2A (Mrs. Stanczyk) and 3B (Mrs. Millay), because their classes read the most books in the school, cracked an egg into a giant bowl — the contents of which were then whisked and dumped over Polcaro.

Why does she do these crazy challenges each year? “To get the kids to read, because there’s nothing more important than reading.”
Check out photos from the event below. All photos by Chuck Wainwright for the Catholic Sun.

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