The Diocese of Syracuse will take up its collection for the Catholic Communications Campaign this weekend, June 11 and 12. This national collection helps the Church spread the Gospel message through the media locally and nationally (USCCB).

Half of all your donations will stay here in the Diocese of Syracuse, continuing to support the Catholic Sun, Syracuse Catholic Television, and diocesan social media and communications efforts. 
Read Bishop Robert J. Cunningham’s letter about the collection below, and thank you in advance for your generous contributions this weekend.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) supports projects throughout the world that evangelize both Catholics and non-Catholics alike through the use of media outlets. With the growth of new media, people all over the globe have greater opportunities to connect in the digital environment. We surely all remember the historic visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. last September. The Catholic bishops of our country wanted to be sure that everyone could participate in the excitement of the visit, and they called on the CCC to make that possible.

The CCC enabled thousands of Catholics to participate in the events remotely. Funds enabled live streaming of events and facilitated coverage of the events by more than 7,000 credentialed media personnel, including three representatives from the Diocese of Syracuse on behalf of The Catholic Sun, Catholic Television, and diocesan social media!

The Pope’s visit had unprecedented reach in sharing the Gospel and reflects the ongoing impact of the CCC in our diocesan mission to evangelize and engage people in our faith.

Here in the Diocese of Syracuse, the CCC continues to provide funding for The Catholic Sun, Catholic Television, and diocesan social media. Your donations to the CCC allow the diocese to bring Sunday Mass to thousands of homebound faithful, encourage and inspire Catholics of all ages on Facebook and Twitter, and deliver world and local Catholic news to Catholic Sun subscribers. Your generosity has also enabled us to produce a weekly television show entitled Around the Diocese, which highlights happenings from all seven counties of the diocese. As always, half of your donation will remain here in our diocese to support our local communication efforts.

The CCC allows us to share our experience of faith, worship, and witness with the world and with the faithful in the Diocese of Syracuse. Please support this important work in the upcoming collection, which will be June 11 & 12 in our diocese. Please prayerfully consider supporting this campaign. For more information, visit

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Bishop Robert J. Cunningham

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