Stickley CEO Aminy Audi presents Bishop-elect Douglas J. Lucia with the coat of arms that will grace his cathedra come August 8. (Sun photo | Chuck Wainwright)


By Katherine Long | Editor

Bishop-elect Douglas J. Lucia got a first look today at the coat of arms that will grace his cathedra come August 8, as Stickley CEO Aminy Audi and President Edward Audi presented the bishop-elect with the specially created piece.

Stickley, the historic Manlius-based furniture maker, constructed a new cathedra (bishop’s chair), presider’s chair, deacons’ chairs, ambo, and cantor’s stand for the Cathedral during the church’s 2016-7 restoration. The cathedra features a removable piece that depicts the bishop’s coat of arms.

Bishop-elect Lucia’s coat of arms was designed by James-Charles Noonan, Jr., a Church historian, ecclesiastical protocolist, and ecclesial heraldist. It includes symbols drawn from the bishop-elect’s family and personal history, as well as his motto: “In the Name of Jesus.”

To create the piece for the cathedra, Stickley Engineering Manager Jim Rider Jr., translated Noonan’s design into several different varieties of wood and mother of pearl. Stickley craftspeople in Vietnam laser-cut the wood, hand-cut the shell, and assembled the veneer face; in Manlius, Cabinet Maker Dung Tran, who also built the cathedra, provided final machining of the piece.

The coat of arms was presented to Bishop-elect Lucia as a gift from the Audi family and Stickley.


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