When one thinks of February celebrations, it’s likely that the Super Bowl, Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day will capture the most top-of-mind awareness. The Catholic Sun, however, invites you to consider one more excellent reason to get excited during the shortest month of the year. 

February is Catholic Press Month!

Our Constitutional freedoms to worship and to proclaim the truth without censorship intersect in the Catholic press. We give voice to hope, shed light on injustice and celebrate all that Jesus Christ taught us about our call to love God and love our neighbor. In The Catholic Sun’s case, those neighbors live very close by.

The Catholic Sun aspires to these goals by shining a light on the seven-county Diocese of Syracuse. Our primary focus is “diocesan-local” people, events and history. We are proud to be the ones to share what’s going on in a Cortland parish, a Utica school, a Baldwinsville food pantry and many other corners of our diocese. There is no other medium that we know of that will provide Catholic “good news” on the local level. We also share important national and international Catholic news, but we are always working to be the source of what is happening in our home area. That’s where our faith begins.

We especially ask for your consideration to subscribe during Catholic Press Month, be it a renewal or a new subscription. If you currently subscribe and like what you read, then perhaps share the good news by gifting someone you know who would also enjoy it. For $26 a year, we’ll mail 26 print editions of The Catholic Sun; we have an attractive new, full-color format. You can also receive the paper digitally as part of your subscription. We email biweekly digital updates and frequently update our social media and web page content to keep you in the know. And we’ll be sending our new magazine, Solis, to subscribers this year.

More than any tangible product benefit we can offer you, your subscriber support helps continue and further the diocesan mission of evangelization the way it’s meant to be accomplished: one person at a time among those in our midst.

On behalf of Bishop Douglas J. Lucia and the staff of The Catholic Sun, I thank you for your support. Reach out to me anytime with questions, concerns or comments. God bless you.

Deacon Tom Cuskey, editor-in-chief



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