I am saddened by today’s Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the definition of marriage. As Catholics, it is our belief and practice that “marriage is unique because the commitment it calls for is better described as communion, where “the two become one flesh” (Gen 2:24).  It is a part of Natural Law with the purpose of being open to the many blessings of procreation.

The Supreme Court’s decision will not change our beliefs and commitment to uphold the sanctity of holy matrimony.  Today’s ruling allows a civil union to take place among two people who were unable to legally do that across the country.  While this may settle a legal question, it will not curtail the moral debate.  The teachings of the Catholic Church remain steadfast in their definition of marriage.

We will continue to pray for all people, to promote the sanctity of marriage and continue to work on strengthening all families today and in the future.

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