Where is the best place to pray — a church, the beach, at home or even a noisy sports arena? Favorite places to pray and prayer traditions vary as widely as the people who live in the diocese.

This summer, the Catholic Sun and the Diocese of Syracuse are highlighting prayer traditions and favorite places to pray. Here are a few we’ve received:

   “One of my favorite places to pray is outside on my back porch. I pray throughout the whole day, even if it’s just a quick appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation,” a parishioner of St. Patrick’s Parish in Chittenango shared on Instagram.

“Sometimes, I like to visit the Marian Shrine located in a quaint corner of the Cathedral on Onondaga Street during lunch,” stated Saundra Macidyn, administrative assistant for the diocese’s diaconate program. “Colorful mosaic tiles form the icon of Jesus.  It is a very calming and peaceful place for me to gather my thoughts and focus on intercessory prayers.”

Cathy Cornue, diocesan director of faith formation enjoys a quiet place at home. “There is a chair in our family room where I sit with my coffee every morning,” Cornue said. “I have a prayer shawl given to me by my diocesan faith formation staff when my dad was suffering from ALS. They prayed over it and I wrap myself in their prayers and love every day as I pray for family and friends and then pray with the newspaper filled with stories of other people’s lives.”

Sister Rose Casleno, CSJ, also has a special spot at home. “I have a front room with my own special chair that I sit in when I pray. But my favorite place to pray is outside,” she said.

Barbara Reiter, administrative assistant for Msgr. Timothy Elmer, also enjoys praying outdoors.“My side yard is arranged as an English garden, with a multitude of perennials, which surround a custom-built gazebo. We also have a small pond with fish and a waterfall. ​I find it to be a marvelous place to pray and to meditate,” she said.

For Brother Ed Falsey, OFM Conv., praying at the lake brings peace. “There is a place in the Adirondacks’ called St. Williams on Long Point and it’s located on Raquette Lake,” he said. “That’s where I love to pray. It’s a special sacred place.”

For Katherine Long, Sun editor, outdoors at Christ the King Retreat and Conference Center is one of her favorite places to pray. “The only sounds are birds and breezes — right in the middle of the city,” stated Long.

Bishop Cunningham also has favorite places to pray — scroll below to watch him talk about them.

Where is your favorite place to pray? The Sun invites you to post (or send) a photo of your favorite prayer space, accompanied by a brief description of your prayer ritual, a note on the importance of prayer in your life or an explanation of why this space is your favorite place to pray. Email photos to info@thecatholicsun.com or use the hashtag #PlacesToPray on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @SyrCatholicSun and

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