Pope Francis’ highly anticipated encyclical on creation and the environment, Laudato Si, has been released. What is it, what does it mean, and what do we do? Read on:

The document

Read the text in full: “Laudato Si’

Overview: All creation sings God’s praise, but people are silencing it, pope says

Highlights: Quotes from Laudato Si’



Expert commentary: Dr. Lawrence Tanner, director of Le Moyne College’s Center for the Study of Environmental Change

Expert commentary: Biologist Sister Caryn Crook, OSF, on Laudato Si  

Expert commentary: Former Vatican astronomer Father George Coyne, SJ, weighs in

Speakers: Encyclical comes at crucial time with message for all



Bishop Cunningham: Laudato Si’ should inspire conversations within our own faith communities”

Reaction: From border to academia, enthusiasm for papal encyclical runs high

Catholic leaders: U.S. Catholic leaders laud Pope Francis for encyclical on environment

U.S. Bishops: Pope speaks as a pastor in call to protect earth, USCCB president says

Faith leaders: Church leaders see encyclical as opening new wave of climate action

Archbishop Cupich: Encyclical is a “watershed moment for the church, for humanity and for the planet”


Take action

Action: The pope’s practical tips for helping the environment  



Definitions: Glossary of terminology used in Laudato Si’

For parishes and families: Resources from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops


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