Le Moyne College Assistant Vice President and Director of Athletics Matt Bassett has accepted an invitation to attend “Sport and Faith at the Service of Humanity,” the first global conference on faith and sport.

The conference, Oct. 5-7 at the Vatican, is described as “a gathering of global leaders and influencers from the world of faith, sport, business, and other relevant organizations to discuss, in partnership, the inter-connectedness of Faith and Sport and to explore the scope of limits of the combinations.” The invitation to participate came with the blessings of Pope Francis.

The three-day summit will include an opening ceremony Oct. 5 at Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican City. The conference proper will be held at Synod Hall, on the second floor of the east end of Paul VI Audience Hall.

“I am extremely humbled and honored to have received this invitation on behalf of the college and the athletic community I represent,” said Bassett. “I believe the spirit and intent of this conference aligns perfectly with what we have developed here at Le Moyne, as our ‘Inside the L’ program is a highly distinctive and intentional-values-driven culture that is deeply rooted in the 500-year-old traditions of Jesuit, Catholic education.
We aspire to live and to share those values as a community, through athletics, each and every day.”

“As a Jesuit institution, we seek to develop men and women for others, who are committed to social justice and service for the greater good,” said David McCallum, S.J., vice president for mission integration and development at Le Moyne. “Under Matt’s leadership, those involved with athletics at Le Moyne — from students to coaches to administrators — are dedicated to living the Jesuit mission through their actions, words and deeds.”

According to the website for the summit: “Faith is perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of humankind — the belief that we exist and function for a purpose; and that we can live in a way that enhances not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us. Sport, in its simplest form, is one of the most extraordinary of human activities. Sport imposes rules that point to a fair contest, equal opportunities for all, entertainment and enjoyment, and provides participants with the opportunity to stretch their physical and mental limits, share common values and experiences. With all the challenges and issues currently impacting both Faith and Sport today, it is timely and necessary for Faith and Sport to remind and reawaken people to the massive power for good that these two pillars of human life can provide.”

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