A special chalice made for Pope Francis to commemorate his visit to New York City last September will be traveling to Lake Placid. It will be part of the “INSPIRE: Called To Love Vocation Summit,” being presented by the Diocese of Ogdensburg Sunday, Sept. 25, at the Olympic Arena.

The chalice was made by a silversmith named Adrian Pallarols, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is a close friend of Pope Francis. Pope Francis, when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, officiated at Adrian’s marriage and also at the baptism of his daughter.  Adrian and his family periodically visit Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Pallarols, 44, made the chalice from melted down silver pieces (jewelry, coins, and other items) donated by Americans from across the United States.  Pallarols mentioned that the silver pieces were of varying grades and values; but once melted down, the pieces formed one silver ingot from which the chalice was fashioned.  The chalice features red, white, and blue jewels, a gold-plated map of the United States, and an intricate design inspired by the architecture of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The chalice was first used at the papal Mass at Madison Square Garden last year; the chalice has not been used since that Mass. After the Madison Square Garden Mass, Pope Francis entrusted the chalice to Pallarols, asking that he see to it that the chalice be used at special celebrations of the Eucharist around the world.

Pastor Father Garry Giroux, of St. Patrick’s Church in Brasher Falls, and  Pallarols have a mutual friend who is the director of development at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York; their friend arranged a meeting between Pallarols and Father  Giroux.  After learning about the scope, goals, and specifics of “INSPIRE: Called to Love,” Pallarols agreed to bring Pope Francis’ chalice to Lake Placid for the Vocations Summit.

Pallarols will display the chalice at an exhibit on the mezzanine of the 1980 Arena before the morning session and during lunchtime. The pope’s chalice will then be used by Diocese of Ogdensburg Bishop Terry R. LaValley at the concluding Mass of the Vocations Summit, underscoring the event’s union of heart and mind with Pope Francis.

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